Individual and collective healing: Reconciliation and children born of wartime sexual violence in Colombia.

Tatiana Sánchez Parra, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex.PhD topic in Sociology.ongoing.

The Colombian armed conflict has been characterized by systematic sexual violence against women and girls by legal and illegal armed groups. In the context of the current Colombian reconciliation discourse fostered by official and unofficial actors, I am interested in understanding the role children born of wartime sexual violence have in processes of social reconstruction. According to the 2011 Victims and Land Restitution Law these children are recognised as victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. As such they are entitled to redress. However, my initial observation is that there is a lack of information regarding their situation or the ways their local communities have coped with their presence. Through my research I intend to provide accurate information on their plight. At the same time I want to identify the different dynamics and practices within their local communities towards them, and trace the connections between this and the possibility to settle the mood for individual and collective healing.